Monday, 17 December 2012

Scouting Course

Scouting Course on January 12, 2013

The course will be organized by
X10Scouting and

The course will take place in Rome at the Galles Hotel,
near the station of Roma-Termini

The meeting is aimed at aspiring scouts will have the opportunity to interact directly with professional observers present in the guise of teachers and the new X10 Scouting companies looking for new employees.

the course is also to observers already working who wish to increase their wealth of personal knowledge by confronting the personal experiences of the course speakers.

In the second part of the course there will be a screening of footage of players and practical examination consisting of the preparation of a technical report on a young football player

- Massimo Tanzillo (X10 Scouting, founder)
- Fabrizio Bertuzzi (Generazione di Talenti, journalist)
- Gianni Rovereti (Scout)
- Silvio Aimo (Scout)
- Marco Montessor (youth coach at Fc Lazio)

At the end of course,
a participation certificate will be issued

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