Thursday, 15 November 2012

Siena Fc football trials

Siena Fc football trials on December 10, 2012.

Free-entry, no payment is requested

The place of trials is in Casalnuovo, 
near the city of  Napoli (Southern-Italy),
with the cooperation of
Asd Real Casarea academy. 

The location is at local stadium called "Holly e Benjy".

The trials will take place under the eyes
of the Head Coach of Youth Department of Siena Fc:
Mr Andrea Innocenti

The trials are reserved to footballers
born in 1996-1997 (italian category called "Allievi")
and 1998-1999 (italian category called "Giovanissimi")

The meeting is free-entry,

no payment is required.

For anyone is interested,
please send us CV + VIDEO to:
or phone at number 0039 333 14 14 505


do the right thing,
send this email to an young-boy.

A lot of young players are looking for
to become a champion:
tell to them this important trials,
is an opportunity with their destiny.

Give them the opportunity
you are reading now,
they will thank you for all their life.

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